Actron CP9575 Review

Actron CP9575 ReviewI am writing a Actron CP9575 Review today. If you are looking for a diagnostic tool to retrieve trouble codes and scan your vehicle’s systems to troubleshoot errors or performance issues, then you have come to the right place.

There are many diagnostic scanners available on the market in a wide range of prices and features. Hopefully this review will assist you in determining what is the best tool for your needs and preferred price range.

The Actron CP9575 is an automotive diagnostic scan tool that can be used with 1996 or newer vehicles. All vehicles built starting in 1996 are designed to work with OBD-II diagnostic scanners.

For the price of a trouble code reading device, with the Actron CP9575 you also get many of the same capabilities of professional diagnostic scanning devices that are used in repair shops.

This scanner is CAN protocol compliant, which gives it the functionality to scan all of your vehicle’s diagnostic subsystems in addition to providing basic trouble codes. But you don’t need the knowledge of a professional mechanic to be able to use the Actron CP9575.

It’s designed to be easy to use and plugs right into your vehicle’s data link connector port, located underneath the dashboard in most vehicles. This handy device can be operated with a single hand and is small enough to store anywhere and carry with you everywhere you go. It is powered directly through the attached ODB-II cable when you connect it to the vehicle, so there is no need to re-charge it or replace any batteries.

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Here is a summary of the features offered with the Actron CP9575:

  • This tool can read and display live engine data and also shows ODB-II generic and manufacturer definitions on a back lit, easy to read screen.
  • It can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes.
  • It also reads and displays freeze frame data, showing the conditions of your vehicle at the moment the check engine light was triggered.
  • It reads and displays emissions data so you can ensure your vehicle will pass state emissions tests.
  • It displays ODB-II Drive Cycle Mode, which assists you in monitoring fixes in your vehicle.
  • It allows code updates through the internet via a USB port.
  • It provides access to your vehicle’s VIN, CVN, and Cal ID
  • It comes with a trilingual manual and definitions in English, Spanish, and French.

With the assistance of the Actron CP9575 you are able to save on the cost of having a mechanic troubleshoot and diagnose your vehicle. This scanner is CE certified and affordable. If you work on your own vehicles or even if you just want to be prepared before taking your vehicle into the shop, this scanner is an indispensable tool that is well worth the price.

This video from YouTube is very useful. It is about the Actron auto scanner cp9575 and it talks more about how it works.


Actron CP9575 Price

Actron CP9575 Review

The Actron CP9575 tool has a very high rating online. Reviews of this scanner are positive – it works as advertised and for many reviewers, it paid for itself just on the initial use. Reviewers like the quick results and its ease of use.

Some reviewers did complain that the attached cord was too short – however, it seemed to meet the needs of most reviewers. There is an extension cord available on Amazon if you prefer a longer cord on the unit.

A few other reviewers also had trouble installing the included software on their computer, so if you are planning to connect to your computer you should make sure you are using a compatible system before attempting to install. Click here to read more of Actron CP9575 Review.

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