Scangauge II Review

Scangauge II ReviewToday I am going to write a Scangauge II review. I have come across this Scangauge II product by browsing on the internet and I find this product is very interesting and popular, so I decided to write a review about it.

I hope this might be a help to you to decide on purchasing the scangauge II or not.

This Scangauge II has been out on the market for a very long time now, at least as early as the year of 2015. It still maintains an excellent average rating by its users.

What is so great about the Scangauge II?

The Scangauge II contains the X-Gauge which lets you customize your display by adding up to 25 settings in addition to the standard 12 gauges that are already there. The number of settings you can add is determined by the make and model of your vehicle. Different settings are available on specific models. You can display four gauges at the same time while your vehicle is operating so you are able to view specs in real time.

You can also record your vehicle’s performance to view at a later time. This can be useful in analyzing your driving habits so you can make changes to conserve fuel and save money, and it’s also useful in monitoring different functions of your vehicle to make sure they are working properly.

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Another great tool included in the ScangaugeII is the diagnostic tool which displays trouble codes when your check engine light turns on and also allows you to reset the warning light and diagnose the code yourself before repairing it or taking it to a repair shop.

The third tool in this package is the trip computer, which can integrate data from the fuel consumption gauge to calculate the cost of fuel per mile. It also displays mileage per trip, automatically resetting after the engine is shut off for 3 minutes, mileage per day which resets after a 9-hour shut off, mileage for the previous day, and mileage per tank trip, which resets when you fill up the tank.

Is it easy to install the Scangauge II in your car?

Scangauge II ReviewThe Scangauge II is very simple to install. It doesn’t require the hassle of any extra tools for installation. All you have to do is just plug it into your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port and the display can be attached anywhere on your dash or console with the included velcro strips.

Most of us might have one or two cars in our garage for emergencies or break downs and you might be asking if it’s ok to transfer the scangauge II to another car. Yes, you can transfer it easily to your other vehicles with the help of the detachable cable.

This is a great device because of the great assortment of features it offers. The Scangauge II works with any OBDII 1996 or newer vehicle and vehicles with the latest CAN systems.

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What’s in the box?

  • ScanGaugeII unit
  • 2 velcro strips
  • 1 ScanGaugeII cable, (6 feet long)
  • 1 ScanGaugeII Manual

The Pros of the Scangauge II review

Reviewers were overall very satisfied with this Scangauge II scanner. In particular, users liked the miles per gallon feature that displays in real time the fuel consumption being used.

Many users tried taking different routes and making adjustments to their acceleration speed based on the data they received. Many reviewers remarked that this device has helped them conserve fuel and save a lot of money over time, so the Scanguage II actually paid for itself!

Another user stated this product includes gauges that normally are available only on more expensive vehicles, around $30,000 and higher, which is an excellent value for the cost.

Users also liked that the Scangauge II is easy to use and was extremely helpful with diagnosing trouble codes. With the code data reviewers were able to determine the trouble themselves and often take care of the repairs themselves as well, or they were at least able to bring the vehicle to the repair shop and not have to pay for them to diagnose the issue.

The Cons of the Scangauge II Review

A few users did have some trouble with it draining their car battery, but this was a small minority of users. Overall, the vast majority of reviewers were very happy with this product. Click here to read more Scangauge II reviews or you might be interested in reading the Equus 3130 review. That’s all I have for the Scangauge II review. I hope you found my Scangauge II review post helpful!

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