Equus 3130 Innova Diagnostic Code Scanner Review

Equus 3130My honest review of the Equus 3130 scanner. My husband’s younger brother’s birthday is coming up in November and we are thinking of buying him a present. We really don’t know what he likes but we did find out he works in an auto shop where he repairs cars.

We thought of buying him some automotive diagnostic tools to surprise him since he loves fixing cars and that might come in handy for him and would also be perfect for his job.

We want to find him the best tools, so we started doing a decent amount of research. We have searched around with the most popular brands in the market and the Equus tools brand got our attention.

Here’s why we have decided to get him an Equus 3130 scanner which is designed to be used for almost anyone from a newbie to master technician.

What can Equus 3130 scanner do?

This scanner is fully loaded with professional features. It scans various parts of your car, truck or SUV, to retrieve information from your car’s computer to help diagnose the problem. Thus it retrieves a list of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and definitions. This scanner not only scans your vehicle, it also allows you to freeze-frame live timing and pinpoint your vehicle’s problem.

Here’s even more to it. It lets you record, view, and play back live data. You can also do the same thing with the freeze frame data. Not only that, it also has a built in memory feature that stores codes even when the reader is unplugged.

This is definitely a plus feature to have. It’s because whenever it rains and storms the electricity will go out. Sometimes it will go out for hours. With this feature, you don’t have to start it over again once you did it, even without electricity. On top of that, you can review and analyze the codes unplugged from the car.

This gadget can check engine light warnings in cars from 1996 and newer with any OBDII protocol including Controller Area Network.

Can It Be Connected To Your Personal Computer?

The Equus 3130 does have the ability to connect to your personal computer by using the included cables and software. After being connected to the Equus scanner, you can generate, save and print very detailed diagnostic reports. You can also do updates to the 3130 scanner by using the internet.

What Kind Of Codes Can Equus Scanner Retrieve?

Equus 3130 Innova Diagnostic Code Scanner is equipped to retrieve the following Generic codes P0, P2, P3, and U0 and also the Manufacturer Specific Codes P1, P3, and U1.

What languages do you want to display on the interface?

It has three languages to choose from. You can select between English, French, and Spanish to retrieve diagnostic trouble codes and definitions. All you have to do is just select from the menu command.

This a very useful feature to have for people who know only one language. Some of my family members don’t even know English, so when they want to borrow the Equus scanner then the other languages comes into play.

What’s in the Box?

  • Equus 3130 diagnostic code scanner
  • OBD-PC link software
  • Cables
  • Storage Case,
  • User’s Manual

How much does it weigh?

It only weighs 3 pounds. It’s just the right size to hold by our hands.

Does it include a Warranty?

Yes, the Equus 3130 innova includes a Limited one-year warranty.

What Others Are Saying

This Equus scanner has received an average above 4 out of 5 from reviewers. Here are some of the comments that reviewers saying to date:

  • “Saved the cost of the unit on the first job and even made a profit”
  • “Excellent code reader”
  • “Great Unit, Great Price”
  • “A must for troubleshooting”
  • “Invaluable if you work on your car”
  • “Easy to use”
  • “Very useful tool”

Where Can You Buy the Equus 3130 Innova Diagnostic Code Scanner?

You can buy this Innova 3130 from Amazon. Currently this item is qualified for free shipping charges. Most of the merchants online are charging you a shipping charge. I have been looking around online merchants and this one has the best deal on the price. You can’t beat the free shipping option. Click here to view on Amazon.

Note: You might want to try the newer version of 3130c because the 3130 version is currently not available to buy and I don’t know when it will be available again. If it is available again I will update this post. Click here for the 3130c scanner.

Where Can You Read More Reviews for the Equus 3130 Innova Diagnostic Code Scanner?

You can read more reviews from Amazon from the people who actually use and buy the Equus products. To read more about Equus 3130 scanner please click here.

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