Automotive Diagnostic Tools That Fit Your Needs

Automotive Diagnostic ToolsFinding the best Automotive Diagnostic Tools is a very frustrating task. Most likely, you would have to spend a lot of time doing research. Wouldn’t you like to use that time to watch television, read a book and do the things you would like to do?

As for me, I would most definitely like to do that. But then again research has to be done to find the perfect car diagnostic tool to take better care of our lovable and expensive vehicle, so that it can extend the life span of our vehicle.

How to choose a vehicle code reader?

Some of you might ask how to choose a car code reader or which one I should buy because there are so many models and brands out in the market? Well in searching for a diagnostic tool for your car, first you would have to consider the price range. The price range is around $20 to $2,500. It really depends on your spending budget. A decent vehicle reader can be obtained for around $100 to $300.

Second what type of diagnostic tools would fit your personal needs, such as the more features the tools have the more it will cost on the price. Some of them can not only check engine lights but also can do ABS and SRS lights.

If you need those features the Innova Pro 31703 is a good choice. Make sure your vehicle is compatible with that scan tool before buying it. Innova does provide a compatible chart for you to check out. Click here to read more on the Innova Pro 31703 scanner.

A very simple scanning tool can only help check the problem codes and it can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The more expensive tools have more features and it might be larger in size. I have seem some of them as large as the Wii U gamepad as an example like the Autel MS908P scanner.

Third you would also have to consider the level of knowledge dealing with the latest technologies. I mean will you be able to do installation and updates with the software that comes with the tool with your computer?

Some manufacturers do provides updates to their tools. With more updates provided that means the scanner can be able to read more trouble codes and also more error bugs are fixed with computer compatibility.

Fourth would you like the scan tool to be able to give you suggestions on how to fix your vehicle by yourself or bring it to the auto shop? Some of them are able to let you have access to their database that have a lot of most probable fixes for the vehicles.

Fifth do you want it to be able to read OBD1 or OBD2 or both vehicles? Some of the auto scanners are designed to just read only OBD1 or only OBD2 vehicles. There are some that can read both, like the Innova 31703 and the Actron CP9690 diagnostic scanners.

Sixth do you need it with different languages? Some of them come with three different languages to select from. The usual languages are English, French and Spanish and so far I know two companies who provided their definitions in those languages as well. The two companies are Innova and Actron.

Not all of their tools can select those three languages in their definitions. The ones I know who can do that feature are the 31703 and CP9680. I am pretty sure there are more models and brands that can do that, but these are the only one I know so far. The CP9680 has a color LCD screen.

What are the benefits of owning the auto diagnostic tools?

There are numerous benefits of owning diagnostic scanners. I am pretty sure you can think of many benefits of owning one. I have listed three here that I think are the most important ones.

The scanning device would let you know what the problem is with your vehicle.

You can save a lot of time and money by reducing the number of times going to the mechanic for services and repairs.

If you have knowledge on how to fix vehicles then you can buy cheaper parts for the repairs, since the automotive diagnostic tools can assist with diagnosing the problems.

Having an auto scanning tool in the garage is very useful. It’s most certain to come in handy when you need it. There is no such vehicle that can run without any problems in the long run. With the daily usage of the vehicle, it will definitely have wear and tear.

The best selling brands of engine diagnostic tools in the market are Innova scanner, Autel scanner, Actron scanner and so on. My favorite brand is the Innova. They used to be called Equus. Don’t know why they have changed their brand names.

Where Can You Buy Automotive Diagnostic Tools Online?

I have searched around many places online looking for the best deals on buying auto diagnostic tools. The best place I found is at Amazon.

They also have excellent customer service. Some of us might think having good customer service is very important and even wouldn’t mind paying a little extra just to have that. Having poor customer support is a pain to deal with. We definitely wouldn’t want to deal with that.

In addition to having excellent customer service, amazon also has free shipping. To qualify for free shipping cost, all you need is to spend a certain amount it required.

As of today July 28, 2016, it requires you to spend over $49.00 to be able to qualify for free shipping cost when you are buying it directly from amazon and their fulfillments. Just to let you know that amount changes.

I think Amazon has the lowest prices on buying automotive diagnostic tools. A lot of their products are on sale from time to time and I usually like to take that opportunity to buy it cheaper.

If you need another place to buy it online then you should give Walmart a try. Their prices are pretty good too. I have shopped very often at Walmart not only for groceries but also appliances like slow cooker, deep fryer and even furniture.

To return or exchange a product is pretty easy for both retailers. I have experienced that with both places. I usually don’t return or exchange an item unless it is defective.

Automotive Scan Tool Reviews

If you still don’t know where to start, may I suggest reading the below scan tool reviews. It might help you to make a better decision of choosing one.

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